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Strong Business School's Center of Market Intelligence (SBS's CIM) is an university extension activity as an objective to create sector indicators, providing to the market informations for decision making processes. CIM is carried out at both SBS branches (Santo André and Santos), adapting to local needs.



Main objectives

  • Assist the development of skills related to research activities among students and lecturers;

  • Provide knowledge exchange between the academy and the market;

  • Foster local technological research, innovation and development;

  • Aid public and private policy makers in promoting socioeconomic development policies.



CIM's history

CIM's activities started in July 2016, when it could count on the initiative of students from multiple terms and courses, all aiming at finding possible indicators so as to subsidize the market. For that end, many studies were developed, such as "Average Price for Container Shipping", "Cruise Passenger Activity in the city of Santos", "Pharmaceutical Industry Market Shape", among others.

In 2017 new studies were developed. In the first half of that year, first term students from SBS proposed analyzing the "Future Sugar Pricing", as well as monthly following coffee movements at the Santos Port, in TEUs. In the second half, two more studies were formulated. The first on "Port Estuary Depth Measurement and the Ships Load Efficiency”, and the second on "Systemic Follow-up of Withheld Taxes in the Santos Lowland, per imported product".

Between 2018 and 2019, based on executed studies, CIM consolidated its first indexes: IVA and MTP, which address port activities, as well as the steady observation of Brazil's main ports. Yet, besides the port activity indexes, CIM has also created two others indicators that could be used in different fields. Those are the Management Performance Index and the Nutritional Economic Index.

In 2020 we called for the unification of all activity indicators produced by the Center. Thus the PortAW - Port Activity Window was released, aspiring to create a specific study environment for port activity worldwide.

Lastly, CIM has been systematically working on perfecting all of its indicators, constantly investing in trainee students education regarding technological research and innovation.



Approaching the Market

Naturally, the methodology applied on formulating our indexes follows several steps. At the outset, brainstorming sessions are convened under the guidance of lecturers and technicians. Once the indicator has been formulated, the approach to market players takes place. The approach happens as it follows:

  • Technical visits done by students and lecturers in companies operating on subject markets;

  • Workshops presented by market professionals;  

  • Round tables, organized by CIM's management, gather market agents, along with students, lecturers and consultants on the area.

Finally, every validation of indicators created by CIM happens along with the market. This is key to the credibility and usability of each Index created in the project.

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